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Send flowers and give joy on Valentine's Day

What could be better than giving a loved one a gift of joy? Especially Valentine's Day, the day of lovers, provides the perfect opportunity. Take this day as an opportunity to show your love, admiration and affection through the most beautiful language in the world - flowers. Discover beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day in our online shop and surprise your loved ones with them! Simply order flowers for Valentine's Day and have them conveniently delivered by Flower24 within 24 hours in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Giving joy has never been so easy.

Valentine's Day Flowers - A bunch of red roses

Send fresh flowers for Valentine's Day
On 14 February, you can express your love with flowers for Valentine's Day. What better way to show your affection than with a lovingly arranged bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend or boyfriend? You can't go wrong with flowers as a Valentine's Day gift! Our flower delivery service has a selection of Valentine's Day flowers for you to make your loved one happy. Discover Flower24 now and order Valentine's Day flowers that will delight! 

Surprise with a Valentine's Day love gift

Roses are the Valentine's Day flowers par excellence. Red roses stand for love, passion and romance. With red roses for Valentine's Day, you simply say "I love you". If you want to give your loved one something special, we have the perfect Valentine's Day gift ideas for you. Whether it's classic flower bouquets, stylish hearts made of roses or small gifts to cuddle - at Flower24 you'll find the right flowers for Valentine's Day and easily surprise your partner. Of course, red is the predominant colour in our Valentine's Day flowers, but our selection also includes beautiful bouquets in pink or with accents in yellow and purple. To ensure that the joy is 100 percent perfect, you will also find the matching vase for our bouquets in our online shop.  

This is how The Day of Love is celebrated around the world

Valentine's Day has been celebrated since the 15th century. This special day was created in memory of Saint Valentine. At that time, couples gave each other presents by randomly drawing lots. Even today, there are various customs around this day all over the world. In Japan, for example, men are given chocolate by their wives on 14 February. In Italy, lovers meet at bridges and attach a "love lock". The initials of both partners are engraved on this converted lock beforehand. Here in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, couples or loved ones show their affection by giving flowers, sweets or other small gifts. Especially by giving flowers, a special message can be delivered. Pink and red roses, hearts and gifts in connection with roses and hearts are inseparable from Valentine's Day in our country. You can find flowers and small gifts from as little as CHF 4.20 in our online shop - we are sure to have the right Valentine's Day flowers and gifts for you.

Send pink flowers for Valentine's Day - it doesn't always have to be red roses

A bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day and many other occasions
Your girlfriend likes tulips much better than roses? Flowers and plants in general do not please your sweetheart? Choosing flowers and gifts for Valentine's Day that are 99.9 percent to your loved one's taste need not be a challenge. Because: good advice is not expensive. Just browse through Flower24's online shop and find the perfect bouquet for Valentine's Day and many other romantic gifts.

Besides Valentine's Day, there are so many other occasions you can treat your loved one to. For Christmas, let us send an opulent bouquet of flowers that is guaranteed to impress. Whether it's a wedding, the birth of a child, a get well soon, a colourful floral greeting in spring or because the horoscope promises a nice surprise soon - there's always a reason to send flowers. With a stylish flower subscription from Flower24 and a greeting card, you can easily send regular flower greetings online. Our flower subscription is the perfect gift for any occasion! With it, you show your loved one that you love them not only on 14 February, but anew with every flower delivery. The flower subscription is completely flexible. Decide how often you want to send your loved one our fresh bouquets.