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The Flower24 freshness guarantee

Fresh delivery 5 days a week throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Arrives safely - promised

What a wonderful moment! The doorbell rings and a parcel from FLOWER24 is handed to you or your loved ones. You open the lid and a colourful, fresh bouquet of flowers smiles back at you. This is exactly how it should be and we give our best every day! Fresh from the gardener, safely packed and well cared for, your flower gift is on its way. We guarantee that every bouquet will look exactly as pictured and, of course, will arrive at your or your loved ones' doorstep super fresh and well cared for. After all, the joy should last as long as possible. We even give you a guarantee on this.

Kommt sicher an - versprochen

Was für ein schöner Moment! Es klingelt und ein Paket von FLOWER24 wird Ihnen oder Ihren Lieben überreicht. Sie öffnen den Deckel und ein bunter, frischer Blumenstrauss lacht Ihnen entgegen. Genau so soll es sein und dafür geben wir jeden Tag unser Bestes! Frisch vom Gärtner, sicher verpackt und gut versorgt, wird Ihr Blumengeschenk auf den Weg gebracht. Wir garantieren Ihnen, dass jeder Strauss genauso aussieht wie abgebildet und natürlich super frisch und gut versorgt bei Ihnen oder Ihren Lieben ankommt. Schliesslich soll die Freude ja möglichst lange halten. Darauf geben wir Ihnen sogar eine Garantie.

Well packed for travelling

Your bouquet now has a short journey ahead of it and should of course survive it undamaged. That's why we ensure particularly fast shipping and have made our cardboard box particularly sturdy so that the contents can withstand falls and rough journeys safely. We also pay attention to sustainable packaging materials - our cardboard box and the inlay are made of 100% cardboard, which you can dispose of completely in waste paper.

Gut verpackt auf die Reise

Ihr Strauss hat nun eine kurze Reise vor sich und soll diese natürlich unbeschadet überstehen. Deswegen kümmern wir uns um einen besonders schnellen Versand und haben unseren Karton besonders stabil gebaut, damit der Inhalt Stürze und ruppige Wegstrecken gut und sicher übersteht. Auch hier achten wir auf nachhaltige Verpackungsmaterialien – unser Karton und das Inlay besteht nämlich aus 100% Pappe, die du komplett im Altpapier entsorgen kannst.

Moisturising depot for on the go

To ensure that your bouquet is well on the way, we provide it with plenty of fresh water before travelling and only pack it at the last minute.
Your ostrich will also be given a water depot (Freshbag) to keep it sufficiently moisturised for at least 48 hours
Of course, you should remove your bouquet from its deposit as soon as it arrives, cut it immediately and place it in fresh water.

Fresh anticipation

Some flowers last longer if they are delivered in a budded state. They are then well protected by nature and can only develop optimally in your vase.
So don't be surprised if some flower colours don't come out as shown in the photo when you first open the package. It only takes a short time, then you'll be able to enjoy your bouquet for even longer!

Stay fresh longer

We include a sachet of fresh flowers in every parcel. Please add this to the water in your vase. It contains many important nutrients that will help your bouquet to live a long life and prevent the cutting points from clogging up too quickly.

In order to enjoy your bouquet for as long as possible, we have a few tips for you here.

More tips for extra-long freshness

The basis for a long flower life is a really clean vase. Even invisible residues can cause the water quality in the vase to deteriorate quickly, as bacteria start to form more quickly. Ideally, you should clean your vases in the dishwasher. If this is not possible, clean the flower vase well with washing-up liquid and a sponge. Before arranging the flowers in the vase, you should give them a fresh cut.
Leaves in the water reduce the water quality. To ensure that the bouquet feels good over a longer period of time, you should therefore remove all leaves that could come into contact with the vase water.
Cut the stems of the flowers with a smooth knife as soon as you receive them, as this allows them to absorb water.
Add the powder to the fresh water and your bouquet will be optimally supplied with important nutrients.
A bouquet of flowers likes it cool and dry and will thank you for this space with longer freshness.
Your bouquet needs a sufficient amount of water at all times so that individual flowers do not dry out.
Do not place your bouquet next to fruit and remove wilted plant parts as quickly as possible. Both emit the ripening gas ethylene and cause cut flowers to age more quickly.