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Affectionate Memories

Flowers for a loss – a compassionate message

A floral thought, expressed with class, in the form of a high-quality bunch of flowers or a flower arrangement, showing your respect for the deceased. The expression of condolences is a simple but important gesture, allowing us to express our own grief to those still with us, as well as expressing our sympathy. It can provide support and comfort to those left behind, as well as the sender of the wreath, and is also an important step in the grieving process. Lend a little comfort with a suitable flower arrangement and express your sincere condolences.

Mourning flowers from Flower 24

It is always a difficult time to think about mourning flowers but it Has to be done. It takes time to express your attachment to the survivors and to pay the necessary respect. Of course, flowers cannot take away their grief, but they can at least at the funeral give a little relieve the infinite pain. Demonstrate with flowers your sympathy - in this difficult time it is hard to verbalize the feelings. Let flowers speak: one Bouquet says more than a thousand words. Contact us for individual compilations from your Switzerland florist FLOWER24.

Find the right flowers and wreaths for online flower delivery for mourning and funeral service. A funeral is never easy, say farewell to a person close to you. You may not be able to attend the memorial service at all, send mourning flowers as sympathy to the bereaved from your Switzerland florist FLOWER24.

Which mourning flowers are the right ones?
First and foremost, matching flowers to the funeral are normally the favorite flowers of the deceased. If the person did not have favorite flower or you do not know; you should always pay attention to what you meant when choosing flowers and what you want to express.
Each flower type stands for certain values. For this reason the composition of mourning flowers should be well considered.
Which meanings do the different flower types have? Symbolize with the rose your love, affection and transience. She is the queen of flowers. Since in antiquity the rose stands for joy, love and - above all because of the transient petals it also stands for the end of life. That's why roses are a good and most popular flower choice for the funeral service. Wherever there is true mourning there is also the case for true loves.
With the lily you express your grief, honour and closeness; it is very suitable as a mourning flower. If you, however, with flowers want to express love and friendship, you should decide on cloves.
The carnation due to the extremely long shelf life is also one of the most popular mourning flowers.

Flowers and plants for mourning
Tulips not only symbolize affection, but also relate to transience and beauty brought. The tulip also stands for life and is a popular flower for funeral flowers.
The Calla, also known as white Zantedeschia, symbolizes the immortality. Due to its variety of colors the Calla stands for beauty, elegance and modernity.
Another symbol of immortality is the evergreen ivy.
A popular grave plant is the Marguerite, it stands for the certainty, the happiness and the good. Likewise a popular one to adorn graves is the forget-me-not and heather. Heather stands for the loneliness and wakes up under the snow cover.
Rosemary not only symbolizes love, but also commemorates the dead. Nice in the works of Shakespeare rosemary was an integral part. Rosemary is evergreen and intensely fragrant.
The gerbera is a classic mourning flower. However because of the South African origin it stands for sun, light and also vitality. These are exactly the qualities why the gerbera always works well and is used in funeral floristry.

Mourning flowers at FLOWER24
At FLOWER24 you will find various mourning flowers that you can use for the grave or to order the funeral service. In our offerings you will find suitable flowers for mourning. If flower bouquets are not your idea, please contact us.
Your florist in Switzerland can help, we are happy to provide individually tailored mourning bouquets, plants or wreaths together.