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Buying amaryllis: atmospheric autumn & winter tradition

Cosy evening at home with the atmospheric amaryllis

The amaryllis brings warmth into the cold season with its sparkling flowers and is perfect for enlivening cosy rooms with its inviting charm. You can make it the star of the festive season. But it also makes a special appearance in early spring. Whether you buy amaryllis for your own home ambience or as a cut flower tied into a pretty bouquet for friends, family or the office: the long-stemmed, stately beauty will unfold its full splendour in the vase and spread a warm cosiness.

Order amaryllis bouquets by subscription:

At Flower 24, you can order cut flower amaryllis in bouquets as a subscription and customise them according to your personal preferences or the taste of the recipient. How about a monthly flower greeting for your grandmother? Or perhaps you would like to decorate the foyer of your company with amaryllis for autumn and winter - for organisational efficiency - and would be delighted if the flowers were delivered regularly and reliably? Discover our flower subscription now:

Winter decoration: Amaryllis for Christmas

Both as a bulb in a pot with soil and as a cut flower in a vase, the amaryllis is one of the most popular plant decorations for the winter season alongside the poinsettia. This is because the flowering period extends from autumn to April. Amaryllis bulbs in pots are traditionally watered gently from mid-November, so that the full blooming splendour of the amaryllis can be admired at Christmas. Ideal for Christmas anticipation during Advent!

If you order an amaryllis bouquet from us, it can decorate the room magnificently for several weeks. Follow these tips to ensure it lasts much longer than expected:

  •  Cut fresh stems with a sharp knife upon receipt (3 cm)
  • Wrap the ends with adhesive tape (prevents the ends from curling outwards)
  • Do not fill the vase with too much water, rather top up more often
  • Change the water regularly and preferably use nutrient powder
  • Avoid temperatures below 15 °C and cold draughts when airing

Colours & shapes: Amaryllis as a cut flower for an impressive bouquet

The petals of the amaryllis are very unusual as they look like splendid, shimmering velvet. You can choose between white, red, yellow, pink, salmon pink, violet, orange or even some bi-coloured flowers. There are usually four to six impressive flowers on one stem. The stems themselves are leafless, which is why the flower is also known as the "naked lady" in the United States. The leafless stems contrast beautifully with the magnificent cluster of flowers. Amaryllises are therefore particularly attractive as cut flowers in bouquets. They are perfect for impressive arrangements and as impressive XXL eye-catchers in a vase.

Enchantingly beautiful - heart-warming symbolism

The amaryllis symbolises pride and enchanting beauty. Giving it as a gift shows the recipient admiration and interest in a platonic sense. It conveys a feeling of friendship and affection and is a flower that can be used to express heartfelt affection - whether on your own kitchen table for your own family or by giving a bouquet of amaryllis to your dear acquaintances, friends and relatives.

Buying a delphinium or amaryllis? What's the difference?

Our amaryllis (available in Europe) originally comes from South and Central America and the Caribbean and is not actually an amaryllis at all: what we traditionally buy and give as a gift under the common name "amaryllis" is actually called hippeastrum. Like the daffodil, this radiant flower belongs to the amaryllis family and develops from a flower bulb. The name Hippeastrum is derived from the Greek and literally means "knight's star", a reference to its star-shaped petals ("hippeus" means knight and "astron" means star). The true amaryllis (belladonna lily) and the knight's star differ in that a belladonna lily first forms the leaves and then the flowers, whereas a knight's star first forms the flowers and then the leaves.

Flower24: Amaryllis delivery throughout Switzerland & Liechtenstein

In our online shop you can find the right bouquet for every occasion or celebration. Simply order the bouquet online, personalise a greeting card and the thoughtful gesture is on its way to the recipient. We deliver within 24 hours within Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For birthdays, weddings, get-well wishes or as a mourning greeting - with stylishly tied flowers you can say thank you from afar, give a gift or express your sympathy when you are in need.