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PEONIE flower bunches

Spring in mind and summer beckons....
These are the happy, fun-loving months in the flower world, with May and June as the time of the peony. It is now available everywhere and in great variety. This gorgeous flower wonder always has spring on its mind. So if you are longing for the warming sun, peonies indoors are already a good start!


If you have succumbed to the charm of the peony, you are in luck: there are over 1000 varieties of peony, in all sorts of colours and shapes. There are those with a single row of petals and those with semi-double or double flowers. You can also revel in many different colours: The cheerful peony comes in soft yellow, romantic white, candy pink or dark red. And the wonderfully sweet fragrance of the peony is also particularly attractive, wonderful!

The peony stands for love, happiness and health, among other things. It is not without reason that the peony is a welcome guest at spring weddings. But these flowers do not only exert a special attraction on lovebirds. Such a stately bouquet full of positive charisma and love is a pleasure to bring into one's home, isn't it?

Here in Europe we have been enjoying the magnificent peonies since 1784. In China, however, they impressed people much earlier. There, peonies were cultivated not only for their flowers, but mainly for their roots. In Chinese medicine, they are said to have antipyretic and haemostatic properties. However, we do not recommend eating the peony, but rather enjoying it as a feast for the eyes.


Cut five centimetres of the stems at an angle with a sharp knife.
Place the peonies in fresh water, in a clean vase.
Are the peonies thirsty?  Fill the vase with water.
Do not place the vase in a draught, next to the heater, in full sun or near a fruit bowl.