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A dahlia bouquet embodies magnificent, colourful strength

Enjoy Mexican flavours with the dahlia

The petals of the dahlia shine like a sparkling crown full of diamonds. So colourful and eye-catching that the Mexican beauty can certainly show off. Order dahlias in bouquets conveniently online at flower24, whether on their own with stylish plants tied together as a border or as a powerful bouquet composition with other colour-coordinated cut flowers.

Order a bouquet of dahlias by subscription

Mexican variety with dahlias in bouquets - invigorating shapes and colours
The most striking thing about the dahlia is its petals. Sometimes they are single-coloured, sometimes particularly bright with speckles or stripes. In some dahlias, the flower consists of a single ring of petals, but some flowers are made up of dozens. The beautiful decorative flower comes in an incredible range of colours, from pink, white, pink, purple and red to fiery orange and sunny yellow. The petals can be round, narrow or curled, for example, and thus have a wide variety of shapes.

You can decide which varieties of dahlia you would like to buy with your dahlia bouquet as part of our nationwide flower subscription.

Appreciation & love: the symbolism of dahlias

When you buy a bouquet of dahlias, you are buying more than just beautiful flowers. The dahlia is a symbol of luxury, strength, gratitude and charity. With the right flower colour and shape, you can make your bouquet even more personal. As with other types of flowers, there are various interpretations of the possible symbolic messages.

In principle, a bouquet of dahlias can be presented on almost any occasion as a sign of neighbourly love and appreciation. If you want to share your gratitude or feelings of happiness with neighbours, friends or colleagues, you can choose yellow dahlias.
If you want to use the language of flowers, you can use dahlias in a bouquet to convey an unpretentious "I'm already taken" or "My heart is already given".
When the dahlia is presented to the loved one, it says: "I am yours forever." Red dahlias embody particularly intimate and deep feelings.
Due to the radial radiance of the ponpon-like flowers, dahlias symbolise abundance and strength. This luxury and abundance of love makes the dahlia a highly decorative cut flower, perfect for expressions of love of all kinds.
White dahlias in bouquets have always been a popular choice for engagements or weddings.

How about a flower subscription with dahlias in the months before you propose? How would you like to enrich the year after your wedding with regular messages of love with a dahlia bouquet subscription? You can choose different durations for all our flower subscriptions from CHF 40.00, CHF 50.00 and CHF 60.00 (price per bouquet): You can decide whether 3, 6, 9 or 12 months is best for your individual occasion.

Origin of the dahlia (Dahlia)

The dahlia is originally a Mexican bulbous plant. It became popular when Europeans discovered America. Around 1800, the first flower seeds were finally brought to Europe, which contributed to the spread of the dahlia. The flower ball was then named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, a student of Carl von Linné. The dahlia is also known as the Georgine.

Buy a bouquet of dahlias and customise it perfectly for your subscription

When you order your subscription, we will be happy to advise you on which varieties of bindweed and which other cut flowers or plants will complement each other well in combination. Whether carnations in pink and white, or roses in red and yellow - in addition to classic, tried and tested combinations, we will of course also be happy to find modern and fresh interpretations for your dahlia bouquet.

Would you like to send a few kind words to the recipient? This is a matter of course with our flower subscription: with a greeting card including a personalised message, you can turn every bouquet in the subscription into an unforgettable personal experience.

Just give us a call and we'll be happy to fulfil your wishes!

Tips for your bouquet: How do dahlias last the longest?

Who needs artificial flowers and plants for decoration when you can celebrate a Mexican festival of joy and love with real dahlias in your home or office? So that you can enjoy your dahlia bouquet to the full, we'll give you a few tips on how to keep the powerful beauty of the flowers fresh for as long as possible:

Choose a clean vase, set tap water to room temperature, use cut flower food
Cut 3-5 cm of the flower stem diagonally with a knife (clean, sharp)
Do not let any leaves of the bouquet hang in the water
Do not place in a draught, in full sun, near a radiator or next to fruit bowls
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