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Wedding anniversary bouquet & as a romantic gesture.

"Happy alone is the soul that loves." - so wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about love. Express your love with flowers. What could be better than a lovingly arranged bouquet of flowers for your wedding anniversary?  Or for a girlfriend or boyfriend, with which you can show your affection? Giving flowers also always means conveying a little secret message. Flowers speak their own language and each flower carries its own meaning. This should also be taken into consideration when choosing a flower crush. The red rose is known as the queen of flowers. It is considered the epitome of passion and love and is always the right choice for the partner or the partner.

Flowers cannot bloom without the warmth of the sun. People cannot be people without the warmth of love. Love is life. Love is joy. Love is warmth. Love is the golden bond that binds heart to heart and soul to soul. Flowers have been given for thousands of years to renew love or to rekindle it for the first time. That is why, since time immemorial, a token of love, where one (s) alone let the flowers speak, is one of the most beautiful things in the world for a woman.

Send flowers for wedding anniversary with Flower24

Flowers for the anniversary simply belong, dear men! Whether it is the anniversary of the first date, engagement or wedding anniversary - every woman is happy about a special gift. Surprise your sweetheart with something extra special: A flower subscription from FLOWER24. When flowers are delivered not just once, but more often, the joy is all the greater. This way, the love stays fresh and you remind your sweetheart of this special anniversary for a long time to come. 

Flowers for the anniversary of your love as a subscription

What woman does not love flowers? Probably none! With the FLOWER24 flower subscription, from now on you can regularly surprise your sweetheart with exceptional bouquets for the anniversary of your wedding or your first kiss. Believe us, your lady of the heart will be thrilled. Don't worry any longer about the perfect gift, with flowers you are always right. Discover the advantages of FLOWER24: you decide how often you want flowers delivered - weekly, every two weeks or once a month. If a love vacation is coming up, you can easily pause the subscription.

Always fresh flowers to celebrate your love anniversary.

Every week we select exclusively for you the most beautiful seasonal cut flowers on the market, because we send only the highest quality anniversary flowers to your beloved. You don't want to give a flower subscription as a gift, but just want to surprise your wife once? Of course, this is also possible with our flowers for anniversary as a single order. We will send love and joy to your lady of heart and make her eyes shine. Trust us!

Send flowers for wedding anniversary by click

It is the most traditional wedding anniversary gift: a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Flowers suit every wedding anniversary, no matter if it is the first, eighth or twentieth wedding anniversary or the golden wedding. Especially women are happy about a wonderful bouquet of flowers, but of course, sometimes the men can also be surprised with flowers and love expressed.

At the flower shop FLOWER24 you will find the right flowers for your partner. You can easily order and send them online with us - all from the comfort of your own home. We have put together a nice selection of individual orders for you, where there is something for every taste. Also discover our flower subscription, with which you can beautifully surprise your loved one with fresh flowers on a regular basis (weekly, every two weeks or once a month).

Make the right choice: Roses for wedding anniversary

Different flowers have a certain meaning in society. In order not to go wrong with the bouquet for the wedding day, you should know the most important meanings, otherwise you will send flowers of sorrow for this beautiful occasion after. Roses are commonly known as flowers of love. Especially with Red Roses, you will definitely not do anything wrong in terms of love and in the context of wedding and marriage! But orchids and tulips are also symbolic flowers of love. White roses mean loyalty and also set a beautiful symbol for the wedding day. Pink roses mean appreciation and beauty, so they can be sent by the husband as a compliment to the wife. Or you can choose a combination of different types of flowers that your wife or husband will like, or that were in the bridal bouquet at the time of the wedding - you are definitely on the right side!

Bouquet or flower subscription?

If you decide to give a flower subscription for the anniversary of your wedding, you have made a very good choice. With a flower subscription, your partner will enjoy a gift of flowers not only once a year, but throughout the year. With the FLOWER24 flower subscription, we will send fresh, seasonal cut flowers to celebrate your love directly to your home on a weekly, bi-weekly or once a month basis. You can enjoy a new combination of the most beautiful flowers with every delivery. Why not opt for a bouquet of flowers directly for your wedding anniversary. This will give you a tasteful wedding anniversary gift and is guaranteed to make your partner's heart beat faster!