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About Flower24.ch

Flower24.ch your online shop for hand-tied fresh flower bouquets, plants and green gifts. Flower24.ch is operated by Flower24 GmbH, based near Lausanne. Our flowers are characterised by their freshness, as they are delivered directly from the grower to our production site in Penthaz, tied by trained florists on site and sent to Switzerland & Liechtenstein with our shipping partner Planzer and the Swiss Post in a 24-hour cycle.

Thanks to our central production facility, we can guarantee a uniform product standard. We guarantee that we can actually deliver products that we offer online as shown.

  • We deliver only the best quality. Our bouquets are absolutely fresh, which is why you receive a 5-day freshness guarantee!
  • We deliver quickly and reliably within Switzerland & Liechtenstein.
  • We treat your details with the utmost care and protect your data.

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Changes or cancellations can be made up to two working days before the delivery date for individual orders. For large orders up to seven working days before the delivery date. Please call our customer service or send us an email. Please note that for organisational reasons, no changes or cancellations to orders can be considered in the periods leading up to Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day or Christmas. Thank you very much!

Service times: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

Phone: 0842 024 024 (the charges depend on your telephone provider)

We also try to make last-minute changes possible. However, this is only possible by telephone and up to 12 hours on the day before delivery.

We treat your data as strictly confidential. We use state-of-the-art security software to encrypt all your personal data and protect it from misuse. This keeps your purchase at Flower24.ch secure.

Detailed information on data encryption: Both credit card numbers and bank details are protected against misuse. Thanks to the modern SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security software, unauthorised persons have no access to your personal data. SSL encrypts your details before you send your order to us over the Internet.

SSL is currently the most modern security system on the Internet. It is therefore also used by many banks for online banking. Of course, we will always use the latest security standard in the future to ensure optimum protection of your personal data.

Vouchers from Flower24.ch can be redeemed during the order process. The corresponding voucher value will then be automatically deducted from the total amount.

Only one voucher can be redeemed per order.

If your bouquet contains a teddy bear or other gift and the recipient has not yet found it, ask them to pull out the inner box.

Additional gifts are placed underneath the flowers so that they are not damaged during transport.

Our box consists of two parts, the white outer box and the brown inner box. The inner box has two handles to pull it out together with the bouquet. Larger additional gifts, such as mini chocolates, teddy bears etc. are always placed in the lower section to prevent damage to the flowers.

We currently only deliver within Switzerland and to Liechtenstein.


Our bouquets and plants are absolutely fresh and of the best quality. We buy directly from growers and producers whose work we have been convinced of for years. We don't go through unnecessary wholesale and retail channels. All our flowers and plants undergo quality control before they are dispatched. That's why we can promise you a freshness guarantee with every order you receive!

You will receive important care tips with every flower delivery.

Whether you want to place an order or have a question. Our service team will advise you expertly, quickly and, of course, personally and always in a good mood.

Your satisfaction is our top priority! We don't want to hope so, but it can happen: You are not satisfied with our delivery. No problem, you can make a complaint - we will provide a replacement immediately.

We bind our bouquets according to a fixed recipe. Therefore, every bouquet you order will be delivered as you see it on the Internet.

If we do have to replace a flower variety, this is done exclusively with regard to quality.

Flower care

Why do flowers wilt in the vase?

When flowers in a vase drop their heads after a short time, it is usually due to a lack of water. Although they are in water, the greatest danger for cut flowers is that they die of thirst. This is because their pipes become blocked and they can no longer reach the water.

Like all plants, flowers constantly release water into the surrounding air through their leaves. This evaporation creates a suction effect that draws new water up the stem.

Cut flowers are cut off from their natural supply. Instead of the root system, only a small cross-section of the stem is available for water absorption.

The pipes are also clogged with bacteria. To keep micro-organisms at bay, it is advisable to clean vases thoroughly, leave no leaves in the water and change the water every two to three days. The stems can be re-cut at the same intervals. It is best to do this with a sharp knife and at an angle, otherwise soft stems such as those of a gerbera will be bruised and unnecessarily injured - providing bacteria with new points of attack.

Flowers such as roses that are still to bloom draw on their energy reserves. Indoors, they lack the sunlight they need to produce their own sugar. Adding sugar to the flower water therefore feeds the bacteria at the same time. In addition to sugar, flower fresheners also contain bacteria-inhibiting substances. This means that the birthday bouquet will last a few days longer.

Temperatures above 20 degrees, dry heating air and little light accelerate the ageing process. Placing bouquets in a cool hallway or cellar at night, for example, has the effect of refreshing the flowers. Even a day-night change like this can significantly extend the shelf life. The location in the room should also be chosen carefully, as cut flowers cannot tolerate direct radiant heat from radiators and too much water is lost through the leaves. It is therefore better to place them near a window, away from radiator heat and draughts. A bowl of fruit near the bouquet may look attractive, but often has fatal consequences for the flowers. This is because ripening fruit releases ethylene, a stress and ageing hormone. Cut flowers react to this gas by shedding buds and flowers, leaves turn yellow and wilt. It is therefore better to place bouquets of flowers and bowls of fruit in different rooms.

If we have not been able to answer your question, please write to us or give us a call. We will be happy to help you.