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A bouquet of roses says more than 1000 words - just give joy

The rose is rightly called the queen of flowers and stands for love and tenderness in the floral language. The beautiful flowers bribe with their lush flowers as well as with their delicate fragrance. No wonder that red roses are often found in a bouquet for the partner or partner and have become a symbol of love and passion. At Flower24.ch you will find a beautiful and special bouquet of roses for every occasion. Simply select the bouquet in our online shop and have it delivered to your recipient. Delivery within Switzerland and Liechtenstein takes place within 24 hours!

ROSE - Queen of Flowers

Delivery to Switzerland & Liechtenstein Meet the Queen of the Flowers: the rose. The majestic rose owes this title to its global popularity as the prettiest girl in the class. A flower of which all the colours have their own special meaning. So wherever and whoever you are, there’s always a suitable rose for you. When choosing a rose, each colour is symbolic; find what each colour symbolizes below


The roses from Switzerland are available in: Red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. Bicoloured or multicoloured. Large, small, short stem, long stem. When you’re bursting with romance, you soon have a real first world problem, since there’s an abundance of choice. And every year dozens of new varieties are added. On some, the rose’s heart is even green; this ‘grass heart’ is actually the base growing through the flower.


The heart-shaped petals represent love and trust, and the thorns indicate that love is not all roses. Red roses in particular are inextricably linked to love, but did you know that every colour has its own meaning? • Red: love and respect. • White: true love, purity, dignity, chastity. • Pink: happiness, gratitude, virtue. • Orange: longing, appreciation, sympathy. • Yellow: intimate friendship, solidarity. Combinations of colours and combinations with other flowers also have a meaning. For example, a white and pink rose combined express the wish to always be together. Roses in a bouquet symbolise gratitude, and a single rose in a large bouquet says “you’re the person I love, you’re the one for me!” ORIGIN The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians discovered the beauty of the romantic rose many thousand years ago. We had to wait until the 16th century. Luckily it was worth waiting for! Roses delivered throughout Switzerland

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You are looking for beautiful roses and have not found the right flowers online? Order roses now at FLOWER24 and give your loved one great pleasure. If you order roses online, you will receive a large bouquet of roses for your table or floor vase. Benefit from our advantages! The roses are carefully wrapped and delivered ready for the vase and will enchant you from the first moment! Order roses for yourself or your loved ones and let the quality of FLOWER24 convince you! Now send roses to dearest people with your Switzerland florist!

Order red roses

Red roses are a popular gift. However, you should take care as roses are not suitable for every occasion, they can quickly be understood as a false flower gift. Red roses are a symbol of love and therefore well suited to surprise a dear loved one. Roses are also ideal for special occasions, such as flowers for Valentine's Day or Anniversary. Discover now the variety of roses from the florist FLOWER24 and order fresh roses for your loved ones. Order roses online from a swiss florist test winner!

Give roses as a sign of love

Roses are especially fun when it comes to love. But for other occasions roses fit wonderfully. However, one should pay attention to the different symbolic meanings of the different rose colors. Nothing is more beautiful in the eyes of a woman than a large bouquet of red roses. Sometimes even a single rose is enough to kindle the fire of love. Hopelessly romantic and never to be interpret differently, this classic is always used when it comes to love. From the confession of feelings for a person to reinforcing an existing love or even for the wedding application. Less romantic but emphasizing the partnership are orange roses. Beware of a bouquet of yellow roses when it comes to a sign of love! These are a symbol of resentment, problems in relationship and infidelity.

Roses as a gift

Equally suitable, pink roses can also be integrated. These are the symbol of youth, charm - but respect, also a symbol of connectedness. A little more caution is required in the color yellow: This stands for friendship and reconciliation, but also for envy, jealousy and infidelity. But, who gives a bouquet of roses out of pure envy? With our colorful mix of colorful roses you have the perfect gift for your birthday! Send some roses now with your Swiss florist FLOWER24 for your birthday!

Roses as a wedding present

Weddings are a wonderful occasion to give flowers. Clearly white and red roses are in front, young couples also like pink. As with clothing, white stands for chastity, purity, flawlessness and loyalty. For classic church weddings, some white roses are required. A little more fire comes into play with red roses, because they emphasize the passion and romance of a love relationship. If you want to emphasize the success of the partnership, you can add some orange roses.

Meaning of roses

Roses belong to the rose family and are probably the most famous flowers worldwide. As cut flowers in the local vase, they have been inspiring people worldwide for centuries. Depending on the opinion, the genus of roses includes between 100 and 250 species of roses. Roses even have their own science known as rhodology. There are many meanings and symbolisms that are attributed to the roses. In many cultures the rose stands for love, femininity, romance and vitality. White roses are a symbol of purity, loyalty and innocence. Note however the reason when giving white roses because they have a very different meaning depending on the situation. White roses can set a sign for a new beginning and at the same time stand for a farewell and mourning. In Greek antiquity, the rose earned the title of "Queen of Flowers". Hardly any flower genus is taken up as often in everyday life as the rose. Poets and artists such as Goethe and Heine devoted themselves in their work to the beauty and charisma of the rose.

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The thorny beauty is an absolute all-rounder, as it is also used in the food and cosmetics industry in the form of rosewater and rose oil. As a fragrance, it provides the basis of many successful perfumes and is often used as a remedy in alternative medicine. The rose fascinates, enchants, touches and seduces people for hundreds of years. Discover our beautiful rose bouquets and combinations and convey this symbolism to your loved ones. With FLOWER24 you can easily order roses and send them to friends, relatives and family directly to your home or office. With our roses, you are guaranteed to put a smile on the lips of the gifted person. With our greeting card it is also quite easy to send a few words of love with the bouquet of roses. Order beautiful roses from Switzerland online now!

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Before we send you the ordered roses, we remove the thorns on the stems. There is no risk of hurting yourself. Make sure your vase has been cleaned before putting the bouquet of roses inside. Carefully cut the roses at an angle with a pair of flower scissors or sharp knives. This allows the roses to absorb the water better and stay fresh for longer. Roses love a lot of water. So put at least enough water in the vase so that the stems are half covered. With the supplied fresh flower for your delivery, you can keep the roses fresh even longer. With roses you can send the perfect gift online. Order roses now at FLOWER24 and look forward to wonderful flowers from your Switzerland florist!

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