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Roses for Eternity - Infinity Collection

Real Roses that Last for Years! Our "Infinity Collection" consists of real, freshly picked and beautiful roses that have been carefully preserved and will give you years of pleasure.

Show appreciation with a rosebox

Do you know the feeling of anticipation when you hold a gift in your hands and the contents touch you so much that you have tears in your eyes? Give this moment in the form of a very personal message. There is hardly a better way than letting flowers speak for what you have always wanted to say. Give a rosebox full of affection.

Decisive for your individually designed message is, first of all, the color selection. For example, the red rose is symbolic of love (infinity roses even for infinite love). Passion is also expressed in the red color of the "Queen of Flowers". But did you know that the rose also gives the recipient a feeling of lightness and youthful freshness? No wonder it was therefore originally dedicated to the beautiful goddess Aphrodite, the attractive god of love Eros and Dionysus, the ruler of joy and fertility. Order your Flowerbox with a bouquet of emotions.

Underline the meaning of words through selected roses

With our roseboxes you have the opportunity to say "thank you" in a very special way. A rose symbolizes the value of a good friendship that you may have had for many years. Far too rarely do we show how valuable people are in our lives and take their presence for granted. You do not necessarily have to wait for the next official event, such as the birthday or anniversary, to show appreciation. With the Rosebox by Flower24 your affection in the form of flowers goes into the shipping and arrives in the heart of the heart.

Newly in love? We know what it's like when the heart lights up and your eyes say "in love". A red rose is graceful and embodies these deep feelings.

Choose a greeting card and make your rosebox perfect

For example, give your loved one an "infinity collection". The bouquet of different rose colors is also available with a greeting card. So you can put even more meaning into your flower message.

Should it go fast? With delivery in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, you can tell valued people within 24 hours how close you are to them. This is how our rose boxes arrive at your desired date and make your fellow human beings happy.