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Product information "Flower bouquet "BOTTICELLI""

Exquisite White Blossom Bouquet for Every Occasion

Elegant Composition

In life's tapestry of events, the right bouquet can convey a deeper message beyond words. This carefully curated collection of white flowers has been designed to fit seamlessly into any occasion. Each stem is selected for its freshness and purity, creating a breathtaking display of pristine white blossoms. The bouquet is not just a visual treat but a symbol of various emotions and sentiments, embodying purity, innocence, and loyalty, as well as the introspective reflection of hope and longing.

Versatile for All Events

The versatility of white flowers makes this bouquet a perfect choice for a diverse array of events. It holds a place of honor at weddings where it complements the traditional theme of pure love and union. During birth celebrations, it symbolizes new beginnings and innocence. Meanwhile, at farewells or funerals, it offers a soothing presence, acting as a beacon of hope and eternal connection. The elegant simplicity of these flowers allows them to adapt meaningfully to both joyous and solemn occasions.

Convenient Delivery Service

Understanding the significance of timing when it comes to gift-giving and event planning, we provide a reliable delivery service. Our delivery network covers every corner of Switzerland, ensuring that this sophisticated bouquet of white flowers arrives at its destination promptly. We operate five days a week, providing flexibility and convenience to suit your specific needs. Whether it's a token of love, a symbol of support, or an expression of sympathy, you can rest assured that this bouquet will arrive to encapsulate your heartfelt sentiments beautifully.

Properties "Flower bouquet "BOTTICELLI""
Color: white
Diameter approx.: 35-40cm
Flower types: Chrysanthemums, Ivy, Limonium, Lisianthus, Pistachio
recommended vase: 30 cm

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