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Product information "Flower bouquet "Guardi""

Elegant Lily and Rose Bouquet

Timeless Beauty and Grace

Presenting a stunning arrangement that embodies both elegance and charm, this bouquet boasts a mix of luxurious lilies and classic roses. Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or simply to bring a smile to someone's face, this floral selection bursts with delightful allure. The contrast between the passionate reds and the pure whites makes this bouquet a feast for the eyes, suitable for any event or as a token of appreciation or love.

Freshness That Lasts

The flowers are carefully picked and arranged to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. Delivered with their buds still closed, these lilies and roses promise an unfolding spectacle of beauty. As they blossom in the warmth of your room, they not only create an enchanting display but also guarantee an extended period of enjoyment. Their gradual opening is a mesmerizing process, offering a unique experience as each flower reveals its full splendor.

Convenient Delivery Service

Thoughtfulness knows no bounds, and neither do our services. We offer prompt delivery throughout Switzerland, ensuring this exquisite bouquet of lilies and roses reaches your loved ones in time for that special moment. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or 'just because,' our seamless delivery takes the hassle out of gifting. Let them bask in the joy of fresh, blooming flowers delivered straight to their door.

Properties "Flower bouquet "Guardi""
Color: red, white
Diameter approx.: 40-45cm
Flower types: "Red Naomi" Rosen, Asters, Eucalyptus, Lilies, Panicum
recommended vase: 30 cm

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