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Product information "Flower Bouquet "Eiffel""

Eiffel Bouquet: A Radiant Array of Lilies

Elegant Lily Arrangement

Experience the timeless beauty of our Eiffel Bouquet, an elegant arrangement that captures the charm and grace of lily flowers. This delightful collection boasts an array of pristine white lilies, each bloom meticulously selected for its freshness and radiance. As these flowers unfurl in the warmth of your home, they reveal their full splendour, creating an ambiance of purity and tranquility. Perfect for any occasion, the Eiffel Bouquet is designed to impress and convey heartfelt emotions with its natural charm and sophisticated allure.

Stylish Presentation

The presentation of the Eiffel Bouquet is as exceptional as the lilies themselves. Each bouquet is carefully nestled within a green sisal nest, providing a lush and organic touch to the arrangement. This unique bed for the lilies not only secures the flowers but also complements them, enhancing their beauty and making the bouquet a true work of art. Whether it is meant to be a centerpiece or a stunning decorative item, the Eiffel Bouquet stands out with its stylish and eco-friendly display.

Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Looking to brighten someone's day or searching for the perfect way to express your feelings? The Eiffel Bouquet is a guaranteed mood booster. With its splendid white lilies and elegant green sisal nest, this bouquet is a versatile gift that suits any event, from birthdays and anniversaries to heartfelt sympathies or just because. The universal appeal of the Eiffel Bouquet makes it a thoughtful and appreciated present for friends, family, or loved ones, ensuring to bring a smile and light up any space with its glowing ensemble.

Properties "Flower Bouquet "Eiffel""
Color: blue, pink, white
Diameter approx.: 25-30cm
Flower types: Beach lilac, Dianthus, Lilies, Pittosporum
recommended vase: 20 cm

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