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Online flower delivery Flower24 - flowers say more than 1000 words

Whether for birthdays, weddings or to say thank you: a bouquet of flowers is always the perfect gift for any occasion. Flowers radiate cheerfulness, freshness and beauty. Your gift of flowers shows that you are thinking of the person and is a loving gesture. Whether red roses, white lilies, sunflowers or gerberas - flowers are a wonderful gift idea and can be ordered easily and conveniently from Flower24's online flower delivery service.

Simply have flowers delivered by Flower24

Unfortunately, our loved ones often live far away and even if they live in the same city, their schedules often cross. Most of the time there is no time in the stressful everyday life to visit them personally and deliver the flowers. Flower24's online flower delivery service is happy to help. We deliver your fresh flowers on the desired date to the person receiving the gift and with a few mouse clicks your flower greeting is already on its way. You can choose from many different bouquets for all occasions and small gift ideas. Our bouquets are freshly bound every day and then sent professionally in our special cardboard box.

Let the flowers do the talking

Flowers are a beautiful gift for any occasion that gladdens everyone's heart. Flowers radiate energy and a positive attitude to life. Whether for love, for a wedding or a birthday, as a thank you, for recovery, for the season or "just because" - flowers brighten the faces of your loved ones, whether on a green and sunny day in summer or on a grey rainy day. Red roses are the classic for love. Nothing, apart from hearts, epitomises love more than a red rose. They are a wonderful gift for anniversaries, but the recipient will also enjoy this loving gesture in between. A small floral greeting to the office, even though you saw each other in the morning, is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face. And the best thing is: this can happen anywhere in Switzerland and Liechtenstein - with Flower24!

Mum, granny, best friend - everyone enjoys flowers

No matter who you want to give a bouquet to, flowers are always a great gift. Also as a flower subscription. Mum, granny or auntie will be pleased that they have been thought of, will get more than a touch of love and will lovingly devote themselves to the flowers. They will be delighted and tell acquaintances about it, because people like to share joy. Your best friend or former neighbour will also be delighted when a bouquet of flowers is delivered unexpectedly. Flower24's online flower delivery service makes it so easy for you to bring joy to others.

Sending flowers: procedure

Buying flowers online at Flower24 is very simple. You choose your bouquet on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Then you select a greeting card, possibly a small gift and a delivery date, and that's all you have to do. Now your fresh bouquet is lovingly tied on the date and then sent. The flowers will always arrive fresh on the desired date. Every bouquet is unique and arranged by a florist.

Have flowers delivered easily and conveniently now - from the best online flower delivery service in Switzerland!

The advantages of sending flowers online
Buying flowers and giving them as gifts takes time, which unfortunately is often not available these days. Buying flowers online is convenient, quick and easy, as Flower24 allows you to order flowers in advance on the date you want them. For example, at the beginning of the month you can have all the birthday children already taken care of by ordering the flowers for them in good time. You can sit back comfortably and then do nothing more than wait for the recipient to call you and say a joyful "thank you". Even if you are on holiday and want to please your loved ones from afar, our online flower delivery service is always at your disposal to receive your order on the desired date even before the holiday.