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After roses, tulips are among the best-selling cut flowers in the world. With a bouquet of tulips, you can make anyone happy, because you can’t help but succumb to the cheerful radiance of this flower. The choice is huge: today there are about 4,200 different varieties of tulips, whose flower shapes are divided into 15 different classes.

As diverse as tulips are, they simply meet every taste in the bouquet. But although the tulip is so popular, it is also a special flower. The shapes of the tulip are a feast for the eye. For in addition to the classic form of the Simple Early Tulip and the Simple Late Tulip, there are other varieties of tulip that are truly eye-catching:


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Fringed tulips: This form is also called “Crispa tulip” and surprises with finely serrated flower edges.
Parrot tulips: This form is very striking. The mostly multi-coloured flowers are reminiscent of the colourful wings of fluttering birds of paradise. The special feature: the petals are incised at the edge and curved in on themselves.
Lily-flowered tulips: This shape is wonderfully playful. The flowers are open and star-shaped, the petals taper to a point.
Peony tulips: These late double tulips with a round flower shape look like sisters of the peony.
French tulips: These early bloomers – unlike most French – are particularly long and tall, with stems up to 90 centimetres, and have very large, noble flowers.
When you order tulips, you can give yourself and your loved ones a great treat and have a wonderful choice of different, beautiful flower shapes and colours for your bouquet. Tulip bouquets are always a good idea because they bring spring into your home – no matter how gloomy the weather outside may be.

Bouquet of tulips

Buy tulips: What tulips can be combined with as a bouquet

Tulips are the star of your bouquet. Whether you order a completely ready-made tulip bouquet or combine several bouquets in DIY – the tulips should be the centre of attention. However, each flower also has its ideal companions, which further emphasise its uniqueness and beauty. Fresh leafy green, which we immediately associate with blooming spring, goes well with tulips in the vase. Delicate shrubs and branches from fruit trees, such as the pleasantly fragrant apple or cherry blossoms, complement the tulip perfectly. Another idea: eucalyptus. As an accessory to combine, it is absolutely trendy, especially for DIY. In this way, white tulips in particular are presented in a modern and elegant way. The eucalyptus provides contrast and freshness. Ranunculus can also be combined very harmoniously with tulips.

We are familiar with the aesthetics and trends for cut flowers and will be happy to advise you. Our arrangements are harmonious and refined. Order your tulip bouquet today at Flower24.co.uk!

Tulips in the vase: How to keep the bouquet fresh for a long time

Tulip bouquetWhen you buy tulips as cut flowers, you want to promote their longevity. In addition to a suitable vase and fresh water, the tulip needs above all a suitable place. Your arrangement should of course be visually eye-catching, but it should also meet the needs of the flower.

These care tips for tulips in bouquets will help keep the tulips fresh for a long time:

After you have bought the tulips, please wrap the bouquet in damp newspaper or foil.
Avoid long transport routes and carry the tulip bouquet with the flowers facing downwards.
Before placing the tulip bouquet in the vase, cut the ends diagonally with a knife.
If the ends are discoloured, it is time to trim.
Remove the leaves generously so that the flower is not stressed.
Place the tulips in a sunny and warm location. Tulips love the sun, even partial shade can reduce growth.
You should clean the vase thoroughly with hot water beforehand.
Since tulips continue to grow in the vase, the vase should be tall and slender – at least two-thirds the height of the tulips.
Refill with fresh, cold water daily – according to consumption – at the latest when the water becomes cloudy.
The tulip stems should not be higher than ten centimetres in the water.
It is best to avoid radiators and fruit bowls in the vicinity. Both will cause the tulips to wilt more quickly.
This will ensure that you can enjoy the happy sight of the tulip for a long time – because nothing is sadder than the sight of a tulip hanging its head.

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History of tulips – from the Turkish turban to the Amsterdam canal house

Buying tulipsThe tulip markets are a permanent fixture in Holland – you almost can’t do without them, you’d think. But the tulip is actually originally Iranian, originally Afghan and originally Kazakh. Nomads took the colourful flowers with them to Turkey, where proud sultans started wearing a tulip on their turban. This is how the flower got its name: “Tulipan”, which means turban.

Origin of the tulip: the right climate

Tulips are found in the wild from North Africa and Southern Europe to Northwest China. With the greatest diversity in three different mountain ranges in Central Asia: the Pamir, the Tianshan and the Hindu Kush Mountains. The climate there is characterised by cold winters, a long spring with cold nights and dry summers – simply ideal for tulips. Tulips need cold nights and a winter period in order to grow. This is why they cannot be cultivated well in warm climates.

Symbolism of the tulip: the hype about the tulip bouquet

In the 16th century, giving a tulip as a gift meant giving away a fortune. At that time, the flower was immensely popular and a speculative trade in tulip bulbs developed. At that time, you could buy a canal house in Amsterdam for the price of a tulip bulb. Today, a beautiful bouquet of tulips costs only a few euros, but their symbolism has increased in value. When you give tulips as a gift, you are sending a message. Red tulips, for example, mean stormy love, and a black tulip says: “I love you so much that I would sacrifice everything for you.” It’s not every day that you give such a meaningful flower.

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Flowers are our passion. As an online flower delivery service, Flower24 naturally delivers to many cities in Switzerland and even to Liechtenstein. For example, we send our diverse flowers to Zurich, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano and many other regions. Whether classic roses, exotic flowers with paradisiacal blossoms or a lush bouquet of the flower of your choice – you are sure to find what you are looking for with us.
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