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Order a flower subscription at Flower24

A colorful joy – With the Flower24 flower subscription you can regularly delight yourself or your loved ones with beautiful flowers.

Order a flower subscription online – delivery throughout Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Do you know a special person to whom you always want to give a colorful and blooming pleasure? Or would you like to always decorate the reception of your hotel with a stylish bouquet? At Flower24 you can order your desired flower subscription and have it delivered throughout Switzerland including Liechtenstein:

  • Select your desired budget to first determine the size of the flower bouquet.
  • Decide on the number of deliveries (subscription period from 3 to 12 months). By the way, you can also agree the delivery interval with us individually after the order is completed – for example, weekly or every 14 days.
  • Do you have special wishes or questions? Contact us at +41 (0)842 024 024 or
    service@flower24.ch and we will support you in perfecting your flower subscription.

Great gift idea: give a flower subscription as a present

Having flowers delivered is an uncomplicated and at the same time wonderful gesture to express love, gratitude and appreciation. Especially from a distance, if you can not present the flowers yourself. Order a flower subscription online at Flower24 and give another person a unique pleasure that will inspire even for several weeks or months.
This is how you can easily give a flower subscription online: select the appropriate budget and the desired subscription period and have the bouquet delivered to the specified address on your desired date. You can personalize the delivery interval via our customer service. You can then sit back and relax and the person you have given the gift to will be surprised by us with ever new bouquet creations. Already look forward to the thank-you call from a surprised and happy person!

Freshly delivered flower subscription as a gift: subscription period & delivery interval

Flowers are known to be the most beautiful language in the world. Want to surprise someone with pretty bouquets of flowers? Here is some helpful information about shipping, subscription period & delivery interval:

  • You can choose periods between 3 to 12 months as the subscription period. Monthly delivery is considered as a standard. Do you prefer a different delivery interval? Just give us a short notice and we will take care of your wishes.
  • Unless otherwise agreed with us, the flower subscription will be shipped on Wednesday evening. Thus, the flower delivery will arrive at the place of delivery on Thursday or Friday at the latest.
  • Each bouquet is, of course, packed in such a way that the bouquet remains fresh, flower by flower, for as long as possible. So you can be sure that the person receiving the gift will be beaming with joy!
  • Each delivery is accompanied by an information card on the next delivery date according to the agreed delivery interval. By a short call to us, the recipient can adjust upcoming deliveries to his/her schedule (vacation, travel). After all, we don’t want the person receiving the gift to miss a delivery.
  • Whether you choose a small or large flower greeting in the flower subscription is entirely up to you. The recipient is guaranteed to be delighted. Or give yourself a regular treat and let our florists surprise you with seasonal bouquets in the chosen size!

Do you need a recommandation? Feel free to contact us at +41 (0)842 024 024 or service@flower24.ch.

Flowers subscription gift

Occasions for flowers as a subscription: For beautiful flowers is always the right season
More than just a single bouquet of flowers – There are many days of the year when sending flowers is ideal to express your feelings: On beautiful occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, for engagement or wedding, but also in the more sad moments of life at funerals or on All Saints’ Day. Flowers are always in season and even give comfort as funeral wreaths or funeral arrangements.
By giving flowers as a subscription you can turn a small gesture into a larger and lasting period of thanks or sympathy and show the recipient that you are thinking of him / her even from a distance.

With Flower24 online by mouse click to the flower subscription

There are many reasons to order online flower subscriptions. You live abroad and want to send flowers to your loved ones or you find little time at the moment to take care of flowers regularly? Whatever reason you have for sending flowers, our flower subscription shipping service is not bound by opening hours and is there for you 24 hours a day. Send gerberas, red roses or sunflowers. Depending on the season, you can choose from different seasonal varieties that smell wonderful and convey love, thanks and appreciation to the recipient.

It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to give happiness. Whether large or small bouquet, with or without a personal message. Online you have many variants to choose for you. Of course, we always send goods that are freshly tied every day. In addition, the bouquets are shipped in special boxes so that they stay fresh longer. We deliver by default from Tuesday to Friday, but on request we are also happy to be flexible during the week (for example, from 2 pm) and on Saturday. Do you have special wishes such as included vases or special favorite flower varieties? Please let us know by phone what you would like us to consider for your perfect flower subscription!

Order a flower subscription

Inviting ambience with flowers by subscription: For foyer, restaurant, hotel, salon, etc.
Would you like to receive fresh flowers regularly to decorate your business? Whether hotel, vacation apartment, bar, restaurant, hairdresser’s salon or office reception: a fresh bouquet of flowers or seasonal arrangements will also charm your customers or guests and give them a warm welcome. We are happy to provide you with regular flower deliveries on a subscription basis for your hotel, vacation apartment or travel agency. The flower subscription is a carefree and efficient option for you. Book the subscription for three, six, nine or 12 months in advance and you will benefit from the advantageous price. With a 12 subscription, the twelfth bouquet is free!

Order a flower subscription online – the advantages

Flowers are wonderful gifts and a good idea not only on special occasions. Because they bring a smile to everyone’s face, whether friends, relatives, guests or customers. Online flower delivery Flower24 is the paradise for all flower lovers and for those who like to send flowers.

Order your flower subscription where and when you want. It is completely irrelevant whether you are on vacation in the Caribbean, at work or at home: Pull out your smartphone, pick up your tablet or fire up your computer. Ordering works from any device, giving you flexibility that’s well worth it. Our flower subscription is available for all of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Let us send the bouquets directly to the desired location: home, office or store. This way, you can delight the recipient while they are at work or at home.

Flower subscription online

Flower24 is your reliable partner for flower gifts
Do you often forget birthdays of your loved ones? Usually you remember the date a few days or weeks before and on the said day you completely forget. In addition to the flower subscription option, you can of course also order single seasonal bouquets from us in the classic way. Just do this as soon as you remember the date and specify the desired date for delivery. You can order up to 30 days in advance. Afterwards, you can sit back and relax. Use this service for birthday flowers, wedding anniversary flowers, Mother’s Day flowers, company anniversary flowers and more!

Feel free to contact us at +41 (0)842 024 024 or service@flower24.ch if we can help you with the selection or ordering process.