Flower Delivery Lugano

Surprise your loved ones in Lugano with fresh cut flowers

With Flower Delivery Lugano, you can order your flowers online to be delivered to your home or to someone in Lugano with fresh, seasonal bouquets. New types of flowers await you every week, which you can discover at Flower24 – from classic roses to exotic strelitzias. Convince yourself right now and order beautiful bouquets at flower delivery Lugano.

Order a flower subscription – from CHF 39.90
Have flowers delivered – from CHF 39.90

Send flowers to Ticino

Parco Ciani is the green lung of the city of Lugano. Not far from the city center, on the banks of the Ceresio, stretches an area of 63,000 square meters, crossed by shady paths under century-old trees and among flowerbeds, green meadows, small resting places. Statues and fountains embellish the walkways, appreciated by locals as well as tourists who admire the colorful flowers, the majestic trees of rare and exotic species and the play of light and shade of the vegetation. Magnificent the historic Villa Ciani.
You have relatives or acquaintances in Lugano to whom you would like to send flowers such as red roses or tulips? With Flower24’s flower delivery Lugano you can send flowery greetings and find the perfect flower gift for any occasion. With the flower subscription your loved ones will receive high quality bouquets. Since we buy our bouquets personally and the flowers are usually still in the field on the day of shipment in the morning, you will always receive fresh cut flowers for your home or office. What are the advantages of choosing a flower subscription from Flower24?
– Regular flower delivery conveniently delivered to your home
– Best price-performance ratio
– Fresh cut flowers (e.g. roses, tulips, lilies) for your home or office from our flower delivery service
– Every week a new surprise – get to know 250.00 flower varieties
– With the first flower delivery you will also receive a free greeting card

Our flower store for Lugano

Our concept is to send flowers to your home or office on a regular basis. You choose a subscription model and simply decide for yourself the delivery rhythm, whether you want to receive flowers weekly, every 2 weeks or once a month. Beautify your rooms with fresh seasonal cut flowers, which you can easily order online at flower delivery Lugano.

Convince themselves immediately of the flower delivery service Lugano

To ensure that the bouquets arrive safely to Lugano, we are constantly optimizing our processes to ensure the quality of the flowers, whether roses or hyacinths. Knowing how fragile flowers can be after prolonged transportation, each bouquet receives a freshbag to ensure the bouquet arrives safely to your home. In addition, our cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly. Convince yourself of the online flower delivery service Lugano right now.

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