Flower Delivery Bern

Flower delivery in and around Bern

Send fresh bouquets of flowers to the capital with flower delivery Bern – uncomplicated and cheap! With Flower24 you can regularly send joy to your loved ones, easily and conveniently by mail. Try it right now and surprise family and friends with a flower delivery in Bern!

Order a flower subscription – from CHF 39.90
Have flowers delivered – from CHF 39.90

Discover the flower delivery in Bern from Flower24

FLOWER24 offers you a flower subscription in Switzerland. With our flower subscription, you can easily order a bouquet of flowers either weekly, every two weeks or once a month to your home or loved ones. We will send you fresh and seasonal cut flowers that we personally select for you every week. We also offer a wide range of bouquets for individual orders. Fresh flowers make any room shine and convey a pleasant, cheerful feeling – with FLOWER24 flower delivery Bern, you will receive beautiful fresh flowers for your own four walls every time.

Flower24 for your home and office

Flower delivery BernYou can customize our flower delivery service in Bern to suit your personal preferences. Choose both the delivery frequency of your subscription and the length of your flowers. Each week, our florists will create unique flower arrangements that will be lovingly packaged and shipped to you throughout Bern. FLOWER24 flower subscriptions can also be easily and conveniently delivered to your Bern office. If you cannot accept any deliveries in between, pause the flower subscription. Flower delivery in and to Bern can be so easy!

The perfect flower gift

Everyone is happy about a lovely flower greeting. The joy is especially great when you are regularly surprised with enchanting bouquets – small works of art of floristry, fresh and with an individual touch. Our flower subscription is an excellent gift for friends and family. You can put a smile on the face of loved ones in Bern or send a nice attention from Bern to the whole of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You can enclose a personal greeting card to show your loved ones that you are always thinking of them. Even if you only want to give flowers as a one-time gift, we have a great selection for you. So you can send a magical flower surprise for any special occasion. Whether it’s a subscription or a single order, you can’t go wrong with flowers. Order right now the perfect gift for your loved ones with FLOWER24 flower delivery Bern.

What is special about our bouquets

Flower delivery BernWe firmly believe that only the freshest and most beautiful flowers belong to your home. That is why our florists select the best seasonal cut flowers for you every week. These are then lovingly tied and packaged so that they arrive at your door in perfect condition. To assure you that we choose only the freshest flowers for your bouquets, we give you a 5-day freshness guarantee.

Would you like to send flowers, order flowers or have flowers delivered in Bern? Do you have any questions about our offer, perhaps about a special bouquet? Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you personally! You can reach us on the phone at (CH 0041) 0842 024 024 or online via our contact form.

We ship throughout Switzerland! Order flower bouquets in other cities

Flowers are our passion. That’s why Flower24, as an online flower delivery service, naturally not only delivers to Bern, but also to many other cities in Switzerland. Whether opulent bouquets or delicate wildflowers with sunny highlights – we also deliver our diverse flowers to the following regions and cities, for example: