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Flowery attentions

With flowers you can also surprise in business life and leave a positive impression. Turn your message into an experience. Lovingly tied bouquets from Flower24 are suitable for a wide variety of occasions and recipients: For example, you can thank important customers in a special way for their loyalty or apologize in the event of complaints. With product presentations, you can achieve maximum attention and response rates with a bouquet in your product colors. You can show your employees your appreciation with flowers for their birthday and thus ensure a high level of motivation.

Flower delivery for the banking district in Zurich

8001 Zurich – that is the address of the center of banking and finance in Switzerland. In the hustle and bustle of the big city, a working day can become quite stressful, so that all too often you wish for some relaxation. Colorful, fragrant flowers brighten up a dreary day and can lift your spirits just by looking at them. Flowers also ensure fresher air because they absorb carbon dioxide. In the workplace, flowers have a calming effect and can even help you perform better at work. Blumenversand Zürich has many decorative flowers ready for you – so you can successfully master your everyday work and go home satisfied. Of course, a beautiful bouquet of flowers or flowering plants can also be waiting for you there to sweeten your evening.


Give gifts to valuable customers, important partners and deserving employees.


Put a smile back on your customers’ faces. We at Flower24 will be happy to help you.


Inspire customers, members or partners with attentions in your corporate design.


With our flower subscription, you can have beautiful bouquets delivered directly to your office on a regular basis.

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